Why We Are Saying No To Fur | Blue Rubies Faux Fur Collection

Thanks for stopping by!  I’m just going to jump right into this subject and admit that I do own a real fur and prior to involuntarily seeing the process as to how fur coats and accessories are made, I never really gave it much thought.  I was on YouTube browsing and came across an anti-cruelty video and let’s just say it changed my life forever and thank God my daughter who has always had an innate love for literally all animals had not seen it.

As a retailer, this experience forced me to think about what I offer and my contribution to the cause of the anti-cruelty movement.  It forced me to think about if I wanted to be an accessory to the torture of 10-12 foxes being tortured and mutilated in order to create ONE coat.

Blue Rubies Faux Fur Collection is dedicated to showing consumers first hand that faux fur and vegan leather can be just as luxurious and high quality as genuine fur and leather and most importantly you’re doing a service to our animal world!

Would I like to live with foxes and raccoons?…Absolutely not as I am deathly terrified but at the end of the day no animal deserves to be tortured simply for doing what it was put here on earth to do.

So do your part and say no to fur!

Any thoughts?

Let’s chat below.


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